What should I do if I owe money

Ways to repay.

If you have run up a large debt, first talk to your supplier.  Try to be realistic about what you can afford to pay back and how regularly you wish to make payments.  Remember you still have to pay for the fuel you are using now.

The most common debt repayment methods are:

  • Paying an extra set amount on top of your regular payments. The amount can be negotiated with your supplier.
  • Fuel Direct - this is when debt payments are collected directly from your Benefits.
  • A Pre-Payment or Pay As You Go meter - many suppliers are keen to fit these as it guarantees them repayment. However, this is a more expensive method of paying for your fuel.
  • A lump-sum payment.
  • In some cases, you can apply to your energy suppliers Trust Fund

The West Sussex Home Energy Visitor advisors and your local Citizens Advice are among the organisations that can help you with debt.


Energy trust funds

Some energy suppliers have trust funds to assist with outstanding debts and help with the purchase of essential household goods and heating systems.  These funds help individuals and families with very low incomes, who are suffering or in other distress and struggling to pay their gas and/or electricity debts. 

For more information, contact your energy supplier or one of the local advice organisations.


Other sources of financial support

Your water supplier and wastewater provider will offer tariffs to help make water more affordable, assist with debt and water efficiency.  Contact the priority service register directly to see if you are entitled to support.