About us

This website has been created in partnership by the district and borough councils of West Sussex to provide householders with advice and impartial information on how to make energy more affordable. Our aim is to help our local residents reduce their energy usage, keep their homes warm and save money in the process.

This site is a tool to signpost you to existing websites that we consider to be trusted sources of impartial advice on a range of energy matters including energy efficiency, renewable technologies and how to keep warm and well in your home. The site will link to useful contacts for practical assistance, grants or other financial help available, and sources of support for issues with energy companies or fuel debt queries and more.

Looking for information on the internet can be difficult as there are so many websites that claim to offer advice on energy. It's hard to know which sites are genuine and it can be even harder to know how and where to find a legitimate tradesperson when looking at installing new technologies. So, if you're looking for advice on anything energy related, from basic energy saving tips right through to installing a new boiler, then we can help!

If you want information specifically for the local authority where you live, please follow the links below to go to the energy pages of your local authority: