Framework for action

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Framework chartFuel Poverty - a Framework for Action across West Sussex 2015 - 2018

Fuel poverty is a complex public health issue in the widest sense. It affects people's ability to keep warm, which in turn impacts upon their physical health and worry about money has been shown to negatively impact upon mental health and emotional wellbeing. Evidence shows it is linked to reduced educational attainment in young people and can lead to increased health and social care intervention in the elderly and vulnerable.

Reducing fuel poverty can improve many aspects in people's lives, including enabling them to keep as warm as they need to, which will help maintain their health and wellbeing. There is also the potential to release some extra household income to spend on essentials such as healthy food, which in turn could benefit the local economy.

Fuel poverty is not just one agency's responsibility; it therefore requires a partnership approach to both identify vulnerable households and provide possible approaches to enable them to live healthier lives with minimal support. This Framework for Action draws upon current evidence, explains what fuel poverty is, what influences it and who it typically affects. It will also outline local plans of action, intervention and governance structures that contribute to positive partnership working across West Sussex.

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